An exclusive collection of bone china gifts for a very special couple!

Wedding Plate Wedding Plate

Our wedding plate has hand painted details in real gold!

Diameter: 8.75"

First Names:
25 letters maximum


25 letters maximum



Price: 29.95 Quantity: 
Wedding Bell Wedding Bell

A bone china dome bell inscribed in gold with the christian names of the wedding couple and the date.

Height: 3"

20 letters maximum


Price: 14.95 Quantity: 
Plate Hanger Plate Hanger

Wire coated sprung plate hanger to suit plates sized 8" to 10".

The plastic coating on the arms protects the edge of the plate and prevents damage to any precious metal gilding.

Price: 3.25 Quantity: 
Plate Stand Plate Stand

Ivory coloured acrylic plate stand to suit plates sized 8" to 10".
This stand is very inconspicuous and allows the item to be displayed in a minimal manner to allow the plate to take centre stage.

Price: 3.25 Quantity: 
Gift Wrapping Gift Wrapping

Elegant, high quality paper and satin ribbons are used to present your gift beautifully.

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Price: 3.95 Quantity: