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Factory Nights 2011-10-04 23:18

Factory Nights

Looking forward to working with the people at Red Nile Project. We are discovering & experiencimg the Wedgwood Institute in Burslem, the " Mother Town " on the evening of the 7th October with a view to exploring its' architecture and history and collaborating with other artists etc.

Vintage 2011-03-16 21:56

Looking forward to introducing Dad to a fantastic new tea ware designer tomorrow plus she's bringing her Japanese distributor !

They want to interview him about his design experience, particularly his work for Shelley Potteries in the sixties. All their stylish designs are really in vogue at the moment.

We've got it gift wrapped.... 2010-10-13 17:16

We've got it gift wrapped....

We now offer a gift wrapping service of the highest quality.
Available in 3 colourways ;

Red & Gold (pictured)
Pale Blue & Silver
Baby Pink & Silver

You can also pop a message in to make it even more personal !

Spooktacular Offers ! 2010-10-01 11:42

Spooktacular Offers !

If your family is anything like ours you'll be having lots of Halloween parties at this time of year.My daughter's are quite famous amongst her friends. Because of this we are now doing 2 sizes of Spooky photo frames for all those brilliant images of apple dunking, mummy wrapping and jammy scone gobbling !

Christmas is here !! 2010-12-15 23:41

Christmas is here  !!

With Christmas barely a week away , it has been interesting to receive a number of orders in for our Easter Eggs. It seems that our customers are always one season ahead of us

NEW Designs 2010-08-07 16:35

NEW Designs

Check out our brand new designs on our products pages.
Lots to choose from, including; money boxes, photo frames, mealtime sets and our brand NEW Christmas design !

A One Pint Mug ! 2010-06-07 14:44

A One Pint Mug !

With the World Cup beginning at the end of the week, we thought it was an ideal time to launch our Brand New 1 pint England mug.
We have also produced a matching photo frame and money ball.
So come on and support the team !

Go to the boys' toys section for more information.

NEW PlaQard Designs 2010-03-23 16:08

NEW PlaQard Designs

Building on our hugely successful Christmas PlaQard designs we have now created a brand new range for that "Someone Special" in your life.

Designed to match our best selling mugs, these beautiful heart shaped plaques have their own card and a heart shaped foam insert in which to store it.

Just add a name and kiss hand painted in real gold for that perfect, heartfelt gift !

Also available with no name and just a kiss in gold.

Click on "Father's Day" on the left for more information and images.

The Calm after The Storm 2010-01-11 22:10

The Calm after The Storm

The beginning of the New Year is always a strange time at Heron.When things have quietened down after the Christmas rush and we look towards the next series of big occasions.
Valentine's Day is already on the horizon and then it'll be Mother's Day before you know it and then Easter.
Perhaps the weather may have improved by then !

We are planning a brand new range of gifts to cover all the annual events in the calendar, so please keep checking on the site as the first items will be appearing in the very near future.

So a very Happy New Year to everyone and I hope that this is your best one ever :-)

More Like Friends than Customers 2009-11-24 20:26

More Like Friends than Customers

It's that time of year when we hear from lots of past customers who return for their annual Christmas orders...and usually a quick chat on the phone !
People like Joan Smeaton who have been sending out tree decorations to her relatives in Australia for the last 11 years.
I'm sure she won't mind me quoting her..

"Hi David,
Thank you so much for sending my Christmas order - as always a constant source of delight to receive such beautiful gifts perfectly packed and efficiently delivered.
Christmas would not be the same without these gifts for our grandchildren I have to say they each have quite a collection now."

We have lots of friends like Joan who come back to us time after time because we enjoy taking the time to make the gift buying experience as pleasurable as possible.

Celebrating 30 Years 2009-07-05 11:48

Celebrating 30 Years

On October the first HFC celebrates 30 years of existence and to mark this auspicious occasion we have decided to update our backstamp/logo for the first time.

As you can see from the image, it now incorporates the year we were established and the Staffordshire knot. We are extremely proud of our track record in the ceramics industry and intend to carry on producing innovative designs for at least another 30 years !

When you get your gift through the post why not check underneath to see if you've got the new backstamp.

Gifts for Pets 2009-08-17 22:36

Gifts for Pets

At last we have bowed to pressure and have started to add a new range of gifts for pets. Our first products are bound to appeal to pet lovers of all ages.
Christmas tree baubles !!
Available for dogs or cats in 3 different design-ways they are sure to be very popular as gifts for your loving companion.

THE FINAL FIRING 2009-06-24 21:31


At last the day has arrived. Yesterday I loaded the old kiln for the final time, and I must admit to feeling a little nostalgic.
Thousands of pieces of hand painted china have passed through its' rusted doors and it certainly has done a good job for most of its' life.
Farewell old friend.

I am however very glad to be moving on and to quote the Fenton Town motto...."Onwards & Upwards" !

A New Kiln at Last ! 2009-06-09 19:56

A New Kiln at Last !

The new kiln is being built at last. The cabinet arrived yesterday and the electrics went in today. Tomorrow is the hard part, when the internal brickwork is constructed.

The arrival of this kiln will sever our ties with our former premises once and for all and it means that everything will be produced under the one roof.

The bottle of champagne is on ice ready for the first firing....hopefully the beginning of next week !

A New Plate for Keele University Students Union 2009-06-02 19:32

A New Plate for Keele University Students Union

We were asked recently to produce an image of Keele Hall on a 10 inch china plate for Keele University Students' Union Shop.

We took an original image and created a silk screen facsimile, from which we printed, in black enamel the basic design.This was then covercoated and applied by hand to the plate.Firing the plate in the kiln to 800C causes the enamel and glaze to fuse and create a permanent impression.

The paintress then applies layers of enamel colour until the design is complete. We also printed and applied a forest green Staffordshire knot design to the border and completed it with two 22 carat gold lines. The plate is then fired for the final time and when it appears from the kiln the final effect is stunning.

Over the last 30 years we have completed hundreds of commissions such as this one and they are among the most satisfying of all jobs to complete ; because we can tie in the traditional skills that have been used in this area for the last 250 years whilst using modern software and techniques to improve and fine tune the final piece.

New Roof ! 2009-04-19 22:51

New Roof !

Well at long last unit 3 now has a new roof. It's been a long 6 months since the fire and we have permanently moved in to unit 5a.

It's taken alot of hard work and relocation of equipment into the new premises but we have maintained production throughout this period. I have to thank our devoted staff and friends and family who have helped in any way during this stressful period.

We are looking forward to having a brand new kiln installed within the next month and a completely refurbished office/ reception area.

Here's to the future !


Spring Fair = New products 2009-01-26 22:16

It's that time of year again. We've only just finished clearing up after the Christmas rush and before you know it The Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingahm is looming on the horizon. It is huge ! and devours suppliers and customers alike...it takes no prisoners.
But it does mean that we bring out new designs which compete against everybody elses new products.We're very excited about our new Anniversary range plus a brand new Valentine collection ( pictures soon ).

Wish us luck as we stand and smile and chat for 5 days in a hall the size of the Millennium stadium !!

The Christmas Rush 2008-12-29 17:29

Having transferred all our key equipment and white ware to the new site our priority has been to maintain production levels at this very busy time.

The new unit has an open plan layout which has created a more efficient packaging area. This has helped us to ship alot more tree decorations this year and we are extremely grateful to the many customers who return to us year after year to add to their collections !

We would just like to add a huge thank you to all our suppliers and customers who have helped us during the period immediately following the fire and would like to add a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Thank You !

Unhappy Halloween ! 2008-11-03 22:26

Unhappy Halloween !

A bad news week at Heron, where a fire has gutted unit 3.This area held much of our print and whiteware stock and it all went up in smoke last Saturday night.
Fortunately most of our suppliers have rallied to the cause and have delivered emergency supplies to us.
We have relocated our decorating and printing departments into unit 5A and are busy completeing orders for Christmas !......YES it's started already. So beat the rush and order early.

Special Commissions 2008-10-22 22:09

Special Commissions

Our background as a company is basically the background to a city.
Ceramics and Stoke are forever connected through the blood,sweat,tears and vision of the workers,designers and philanthropists who have devoted their lives to creating beautiful pieces of art.
My father is one such person.
I always say that if you cut him in half,it would read "ceramics" like a stick of rock.
It's in his blood.

In a nutshell,he studied at the Royal College of Art (ceramics of course),designed for Shelleys,Staffordshire Potteries and Enoch Wedgwood;and then,when given the chance started his own china business.

We've always produced special one-off pieces and they are amongst some of the finest things we have ever created.

The image shows John L.Evans Des.RCA, painting a plate depicting the final stages of the Cheltenham Gold Cup 2 years ago.His friend's horse "Take the Stand" came second and this plate marks this great achievement.

NEW Decorations !! 2008-09-18 15:22

NEW Decorations !!

With Christmas fast approaching we are extremely busy updating the site with brand new designs.

Why not click on "Christmas Baubles" to view our extensive range of tree decorations and Yuletide gifts