Customers & Commissions

Below you can find a sample of people we have worked, or continue to work, with over the years - from decorating and designing, to warehousing and distributing

Heron Fine China | Made In England
HAM We have been working with Jo from HAM for around 6 years, and have loved every second. We apply her fun and exciting designs onto china mugs, fire them in our kiln and send them down South to the HAM warehouse! Just one example of how we can help individuals turn their designs into a successful product ready to sell!

Heron Fine China | Made In England
- Sophie Metcalfe
Sophie Metcalfe We have the pleasure of putting Sophie's designs onto a variety of whiteware to be fired in the kiln ready to dispatch from our warehouse!

Heron Fine China | Made In England
- J H Designpoint
J H Designpoint We add designs created by J H Designpoint to mugs and baubles, which are then shipped directly to their customers.

Heron Fine China | Made In England
- Chase and Wonder
Chase and Wonder We decorate mugs and plates (that we source) with a variety of designs. These are then delivered to the Chase and Wonder warehouse.