02 Sep 2020

This year is full of unpredictability, and it’s safe to say that many changes have occurred since lockdown was announced on the 23rd of March.

Since then, work has returned to normal, with all staff members back and busy! Although we’d like to say, ‘business as usual’, steps have been taken to ensure everyone both within the company and outside feel safe & protected from Coronavirus.

Here are just some of these measures:

  • Appointment Only – To make an appointment, you can call 01782 822377 or 07873320506. We can also be contacted via, or the contact form on our website
  • Signs – Throughout the warehouse, signs can remind staff and visitors of hand washing, social distancing and more. The aim is to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus
  • Hand Sanitiser & Masks – Upon entrance to the warehouse (and throughout), there are masks and hand sanitiser bottles to decrease the transmission of Coronavirus – both airborne and on surfaces
  • One-way System –This system aids social distancing and prevents an overload of people in one area of the warehouse. It also helps to separate different areas – from office, to decorating, to main warehouse packing
  • Social Distancing – Of course, social distancing is of paramount importance. Luckily, we operate in a warehouse which makes this measure easy to follow and maintain
  • Risk Assessment – A thorough risk assessment ensures work can resume in the safest manner possible
  • Rigorous Cleaning – At the end of the day, we wipe and clean each surface so that there are no unwanted germs! This includes desks, computers, door handles and more.

Our aim here at HFC is to make sure everyone feels safe and protected at all times. The measures listed above are just some of the ways we can achieve this aim. In a year that’s been rather eventful, stay safe & be kind.

Front Unit, Newfield Works,
High Street, Sandyford,
Stoke-on-Trent ST6 5PQ
01782 822377